Wade Boggs – Free Hair Transplant, Why Not?

Hey Wade Boggs. Hope all is well. I’m writing this post and realize there is no mystery for me to solve. It’s a bit of a downer. I usually like to solve celebrity hair mysteries. But you’ve been as open as a book about your hair transplant.

Wade boggs get's a hair transplant.Nothing for me to solve. But I couldn’t leave you off of our list. I’m impressed that you decided to go public. Here are a couple of questions for you. Feel free to hit me up on my celly cell and let me know the answers. Or just post it in the comments. Whichever is easier for you.

Before I start writing questions, let me just tell you that I was awesome at baseball. Man, I’m so depressed about not having a mystery to solve that I can barely muster up anything more about my baseball skills. Let’s just say, if Manny Ramirez and that chick from a League Of Their Own had a baby, I would have been it. I can throw and hit like a god and I’m a little slutty at times.

Here are my questions:

  1. It looks like you got about 4000 grafts or so. Why not more? I got about 3000 grafts just in the frontal 3rd of my head.
  2. I’m guessing this was a free transplant since you did commercials for Medical Hair Restoration. Did you have the option for more grafts?
  3. I’m not saying you don’t need more, but why didn’t you get more grafts?
  4. More grafts equals more sexy hair. Could you have squeezed a few more grafts in there?

I hope I didn’t ask too many questions. Speaking of too many, could you have shoved a few more grafts in there?

Hollywood out.

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