Tom Brady – Hair Trickery

Tom Brady's receeding hairline.Hello Tom Brady. This is Dan. I’m a Forensic Hair Scientist specializing in celebrity hair loss.

You are an amazing athlete with startling good looks. We have a lot in common. When I say ‘Forensic Hair Scientist’ out loud it does sound nerdy. I may have to re-think my title. Back to our commonalities – I’m also an amazing athlete with startling good looks.

I’m not saying I’m on the same level of athleticism as you, but I will say that I’ve got nicely defined calf muscles. My forearms are Popeye-esque. I’ve had a hair transplant and my hair is quite lovely. I’m pretty sure if I had your money and fame, I could pull Giselle Bundchen’s sister.

Tom Brady's thinning hair.Now to the reason I’m writing this post. Your hair is the talk of the town. You change it like I change my underwear, pretty darn frequently. This raises a few red flags for most Forensic Hair Scientists.

You see, when a sexy-time male like myself starts to lose his hair, he goes through a phase of denial. Part of this phase is to test out every hair style possible with the hopes of finding one that covers up his thinning hair.

In your case, I think you are managing your hair loss very well. I think you’re using Rogaine (Minoxidil) and Propecia (Finasteride).  And I think there is a slight possibility that you’ve had a hair transplant – let’s just call this Forensic Hair Scientist intuition.

Tom Brady's HairTom, I’m a fan of yours. You are one of the best quarterbacks the world has ever seen. We come from the same city (different high-schools though). I don’t have a lot to say in this post. I would like to mention that I’ve been doing crossfit and my abs are spectacular. Please mention this to Giselle’s sister.



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