Seth MacFarlane’s Hair Piece

Seth MacFarlane had hair loss in 2010.Seth MacFarlane, you are one rich dude. You’re also as funny as hell and have a sexy deep voice. These are all things that the ladies love. Women also love a luscious head of hair. Your hair has changed considerably since this picture was snapped in 2010.

Listen Seth, I would like to make this a hilariously funny post but I’m afraid I cannot. You see, my hair has been getting thinner as of late and because of that I caught my lady friend seeking the attention of another man. She didn’t come out and say, ‘Dan, your hair is getting a little thin as of late. I’m going to talk sexy to another dude.’ But she didn’t have to say it.

You see my friend, ladies love luscious hair. And as soon as it goes away so do our women. I’m a victim. What’s that you say? You’ve read my other posts? I’ve had a hair transplant?

Yes, I have had a hair transplant. But a hair transplant is not the end all be all. It can create magical results. In my case, I got about 70% growth. This created an aesthetically pleasing result and allowed me to trick my lady friend into spending her life with me. But as I’ve aged (it’s been 5 years since my transplant), I’ve become more aware that I really needed that extra 30%. I didn’t get the magic I had hoped for. And as my hair continued to thin, my lady magically disappeared.

Seth MacFarlane Hair Transplant?I write you this letter in hopes that you can hook me up. Not with the hair piece (I prefer to call them hair systems) that you have been wearing as of late. But I’m thinking you could hook me up with a sexy lady. I’m going back for hair transplant number 2 in a matter of weeks. You can tell your sweet lady friend my hair will be luscious once again. This time, I’m going to do it the right way, and I’m confident I’ll have 100% growth. My penis and muscles should appear bigger as well. This is a wonderful side-effect of hair transplants.

So Seth, you are not bald. You have a lovely mature hairline but yes, there is some recession. Why choose a wig? You’re so filthy rich. You could easily afford a beautiful hair transplant similar to Robin Williams. Hair systems do look better than ever but your choice was a bit over the top. The color was too dark, the hairline too full. Take a look at Johnny Depp’s hair piece.

Like I said, I can’t put too much into this post. I’m really in a depressed state. I’ve been eating Twinkies all day. Did you know they brought them back! Life is crazy.

I don’t mean to call you out or tell you that your hair piece is a little much. Who knows it may not even be a hair piece. Although, I am a highly trained Forensic Hair Scientist. And I rarely miss the mark. But I do like to leave a little something for the imagination of my readers.

Speaking of imagination, I think a new comedy about a Forensic Hair Scientist who loses his love because of his thinning hair would be hilarious. Then this Forensic Hair Scientist promptly gets the most amazing hair transplant, grows the most beautiful mane, then becomes a male model and has sex with over 5 good looking ladies (not too good looking because we want to make this believable – like an LA 8). What do you think?



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