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Robin, you sly devil. You age like Benjamin Button. I don’t know if you’ve come out and said it or ever been questioned for that matter, but what’s your secret?

Robin Williams HairI have to say that I was excited to see your new show, The Crazy Ones. I tuned in for one episode and you were up to your old antics. I enjoyed it, but I was tired and didn’t have the energy to add it to my DVR list.  Plus, I’ve been playing this game called Candy Crush and my fingers are typically pretty sore by the end of the day. Setting the DVR requires at least three button pushes. I didn’t have it in me. So that’s all I saw. But that’s all I needed to see, because you, my friend, have a glorious head of hair. The density of your hairline makes my pre-transplant self (and post-transplant self) very jealous. Congratulations, Mr. Robin Williams.

So now that you have hair a la Brad Pitt, how’d it get like that?

Rogaine and Propecia can produce results in some people. My experience has been that Propecia does a good job of stopping your hair-loss while Rogaine might create some regrowth – however, regrowth from Rogaine usually consists of a patch of baby hairs and a glimmer of hope. What’s the glimmer of hope? It’s two dark hairs that stick out from the baby hairs like two trees in the middle of a soccer field. If only the baby hairs would turn into trees.

So the next option would be cover-up. Cover-ups work well in my experience if they are applied correctly. I use cover-up on a daily basis (I’ve got a pretty big bald spot on the side of my head, I’m a wreck). Dermatch is the best in my opinion and it lasts forever. And it doesn’t come off when you sweat or swim.

Robin Williams hair transplant?Less is more with Dermatch. If you use too much, the trained eye (mine) can tell when you stand in the sun or under fluorescent light. While it can be used on the hairline, there has to be some hair around it to make it look right. And, you didn’t have that much hair before. I’m thinking you’re probably not using cover-up.

I’m going to guess and say you’ve probably had a hair transplant. And you had a good one. Most celebrities opt for FUE (Folicular Unit Extraction). This is when they take one hair at a time from the back and sides of your head and transplant it to the front or top of your head. I had this surgery. Why do I think celebrities usually have FUE? FUE doesn’t leave a big scar on the back of your head (often from ear to ear, like a smiley face). Leaving your hair long will cover the scar but this isn’t always an option and celebrities like options.

Well Robin, that ends this post. Your hair looks silly good. It makes me giddy. Whatever you did, you did it well my friend. Reminds me of the time you tricked your own kids into thinking you were their female nanny.

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