Robbie Williams Perfect Hair, Transplant? What?

Robbie Williams is a cool dude. I always see him with beautiful women, a cigarette in his mouth, and dark circles around his eyes. It’s obvious this guy knows how to party. And the guy has great hair to boot. In fact, I love his hair. I loved it even more pre-transplant. That’s right, it appears that Robbie Williams has admitted to getting a hair transplant.

As you know, I’m totally cool with anyone getting a hair transplant. Especially celebrities. Their income, in part, depends on how good they look. And we all know my thoughts on framing beautiful faces with luxurious hair. It’s absolutely necessary! My own hair loss is a case in point.

The left side of my hairline has always been stronger than the right. Did you know that this is pretty common! And, wildly, it’s usually the left side that is stronger. I have no idea why, so don’t ask me. I know pretty much everything about hair loss and vermicomposting (worms eat my garbage), but I do not know why this strange phenomena exists. If you know, tell me in the comments.

So my left side is strong and my right side faded pretty quickly after high school. So I was stuck with a beautifully handsome (adorable really) face that was not perfectly framed by my hair. I had a big forehead on one side and a not-so-big forehead on the other. It was pure agony and caused total despair. After years of searching for a cure, I opted for a transplant that ended up restoring the frame to my perfectly symmetrical face.

But Robbie Williams hair loss was equally symmetrical. He had a hairline that was slightly recessed at the temples (Norwood 1, maybe 2, on the hair loss scale). Both temples! This, in my opinion, looks cool. It looks like he’s smart enough, under enough stress to have an elegantly recessed hairline. The rest of his hair was still thick and glorious.

Anyhow, I’m proud of Robbie Williams for admitting it. The guy is a class act and has wonderful hair, however he got it. If he never admitted it, I’m pretty sure nobody would have noticed. How common is this in the celebrity world? It’s my job to find out. Off to the next mystery. Good day to you Robbie Williams.

PS – I secretly wish I was British.

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