Johnny Depp’s Hair Piece?

Mr Johnny Depp, it is a pleasure to see a handsome man, such as yourself, take his craft so seriously. It’s very easy for men like us to rely on our good looks and charm. Young Johnny Depp's HairBut you and I believe that anything worth doing is worth doing well. Am I right?

For instance, I was feeding my worms (they eat my garbage) the other day and I noticed that one of them wasn’t pulling his weight. I have to admit I’m not sure the worm was a ‘him.’ He very well could have been a ‘she.’ Anyway, I’d seen this worm before and this wasn’t his first time lounging around while his friends did all the work. I tossed him over the fence! Can you believe it? And guess what? Last I checked, every worm was eating his share of my garbage.

Yes, we both strive for perfection.

Is Johnny Depp wearing a wig?Speaking of perfection, your hair intrigues me. Johnny Depp, it is glorious. Almost too glorious. Because we are both perfectionists, I’m sure you also know that a receding hairline makes our faces less perfect. And nobody would want that. People love good looking people. That puts a lot of pressure on us. Our chiseled chins perfectly angle down from our high cheek bones. And our hairlines create the frame to showcase these nearly impossible, god-like angles.

We can’t let society down.

Anyway, my hair was never as beautiful as yours. It was always listless, thin, never glorious. But you, Johnny Depp, you’re another story. Your hair has always been the envy of young boys across the world.

Did Johnny Depp get a hair transplant?I’ll get to my point. I think something is afoot with your hair. It’s drastically thick at the front. The hairline seems to have changed – in the picture when you were younger you had a natural part on the left side of your hairline that is now gone. In this picture it looks like you have a widows peak. It wasn’t noticeable to the untrained eye, but my eyes are hardly untrained. I needn’t mention my expertise- we are of the same breed, Johnny.

Your hair changes frequently but with each new style it covers up the hairline ever so slightly. This is recommended for those of us who wear hair systems (wigs for the uninitiated).

Johnny Depp Hair SystemI tried out a wig once and it didn’t look half bad but it wasn’t for me. I ended up with a transplant and I’m happy I did it.
I don’t think you’ve had a transplant because your hair is just too sexy thick, like Britney Spears. Although you do have hair characteristics that would translate to a great transplant result. Your hair has great density, excellent shaft thickness, and it’s very dark naturally. These three attributes can lead to excellent coverage. But I just don’t see it with your hair.

For today, Johnny Depp, your hair will remain a glorious puzzle…for some of us ;).

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  1. I had a few hair transplants . At 48 I have a full head of wavy dark hair. Johnny definitely had a transplant. The photo where a long section of hair hangs down, is a result of that section having multiple graphs in that spot. It is too thick. I have the same result !

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    • Ah Silk – only those in the ‘know’ are able to spot that. Nice work.

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