Joe Biden – Vice Presedential Hair Transplant

Vice President Joe Biden is one of the most obvious examples of a hair transplant. I would never say for certain that anyone has had work done. I can only speculate. But when Joe Biden first took office, I immediately noticed his hair.

My name is Dan. I’m a Forensic Hair Scientist. I’m highly trained and extremely knowledgeable about hair. I’ve spent hundreds of hours on hair loss forums. I have personally battled hair loss for many years. I’ve spent countless nights applying various concoctions to my scalp. I most likely have self-inflicted brain cancer. I’m a pioneer and a rebel. I have muscular calves and a perfectly symmetrical face. Hair is not just my job. Hair is my life.

Vice President Joe Biden, I noticed your hair because, well, that’s what I do. You have very lovely white hair. You’ve probably been called a Silver Fox more than once. But my keen eye spotted a pluggy transplant early in your Vice Presidential career.

Joe Biden Hair TransplantRecently, I’ve noticed your hairline has become softer, much more natural. So I’m not writing to say much more than to point out that with hair transplants, you have options (assuming you have the money). And it looks like you’ve taken advantage of those options.

I’m guessing that your first hair transplant took place in the 80’s or 90’s. It wasn’t horrible work but the reason I took notice was because it did have a pluggy look. It surprised me that someone in your position wouldn’t have a better transplant.

What creates the plug look? It happens because back in the day transplant surgeons would remove clumps of hair from the back of your head. Hair grows in 1, 2, 3, 4 and sometimes 5 or 6 hair clusters.

The back of our head is primarily filled with these 3 to 5 hair clusters. They each have their own root. Hair transplant surgeons would remove a large strip of skin with hair from the back of your scalp. They would then remove the tiny clusters of hair from the tissue and then carefully place the clusters in holes punched into the front of your scalp. Ever seen a dolls hair?

Over the last 15 years transplants have improved vastly. Most transplants are now totally undetectable. What has changed?

Surgeons will now remove the strip of hair, then remove the hair clusters and set them aside. An assistant will usually separate the individual hairs from the clusters. They’ll leave a few 2 or 3 hair clusters for the middle of the scalp. They then punch extremely tiny holes in the areas that will receive hair. The holes get slightly bigger moving back on the scalp. At the hairline, the surgeon places hundreds to thousands of the single hairs. As he moves back he will add some 2 or 3 hair clusters that provide greater density.

The result is a totally natural looking hairline.

When I said that you took advantage of your options, it appears that you went in for a touch-up to soften the hairline and add some density. It was a smart move. You’re hair looks great. The hairline is nice and soft and the pluggy look is now hidden behind single hairs placed in front of it.

This Forensic Hair Scientist is tired. I bid you good day Mr. Vice President.

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