Hugh Jackman’s Hair Is Quite The Mystery

Hugh Jackman, my man. You make me want to be tougher. I started going to crossfit because of you. You look so awesome as the Wolverine. I bet the Wolverine gets a lot of action, am I right?

Hugh Jackman's receding hairline.In a recent interview of yours, I heard you talk about meditating on a regular basis. So, I tried to meditate just like you! But guess what happened?

I was thinking of some trees and calmly saying ‘ohm…ohm…ohm…’ It was very relaxing. Then in an instant, your hair flashed in front of my eyes. Budha was trying to tell me something.

I immediately stood up and put some clothes on (I like to meditate in the nude. I’m sure you feel the same way). I went to my computer and started doing some research.

And there it was. Your hair. It’s like the stars aligned and brought us together.

See, I’m a Forensic Hair Scientist. My specialty? Hollywood celebrity hair loss.

I would have never imagined that the Wolverine suffers from the same hair insecurities that the Everyman feels. Hugh Jackman, it appears that your hairline changes from time to time.

We don’t have to debate this point. I’m very good at my job. Instead let’s focus on why such a good looking man, with very nice natural hair is forced to improve his hairline ever so slightly with a frontal hair system! I said it.

Now don’t get carried away. While I am highly trained in the art of masking hair loss, there is about a 2% chance that I’m projecting my own hair insecurities on you.

Hugh Jackman Wearing A Hair PieceHere are my thoughts. Hollywood forces you to do it. As far as I can tell you have a very lovely mature male hairline. Yes, there is a little bit of temple recession. But that’s nothing. You’ve got serious muscles that more than make up for that miniscule amount of miniaturization.

So, Hugh Jackman, who tells you to wear a system? Is it your agent? The movie producers? Or does Hollywood have a secret hair guy?

I believe there is a secret hair consultant to the stars that almost every leading male is secretly friends with. He makes more money that Steven Spielberg and he is sworn to secrecy to never reveal what he knows.

I think we both know that I hit the nail on the head. Well that’s it. Your hair looks great and so do my abs, thanks to you.



Photo Credit: s_bukley /, Featureflash /, Flickr

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  1. Excellent information. At a minimum, something is up with Hugh Jackman’s hair.

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