Hair Loss Concealers

Hair Spray Paint

When I first started using concealers I was ‘that guy.’ I bought some spray-on junk, similar to hairspray that sticks to your hair, scalp and everything else. For about 3 months, my bathroom sink, floor, and mirror were always covered with a thin layer of brown. And my scalp was covered with a thick paint like substance.

John Travolta make-up hair concealer.I looked like John Travolta in this picture.

And nobody said anything.

Then one night, while having a few drinks, this guy that I really didn’t care for, says something about matching the curtains. I was already paranoid about the can of paint I earlier applied to my head. Now, I couldn’t stop thinking about his comment. I didn’t catch all of what he said but I couldn’t ask him to repeat it for fear someone else would hear him reveal my secret.

I tried for a couple days to continue using the spray paint on my scalp but I was just too paranoid. I stopped and searched for other options.

This is when I bought my first hair system. That is another story that you can read about here.

After tossing my hair system, I went back to the drawing board. What I found next was a step in the right direction.

My Hair Loss

First I should explain about my hair loss. At the time, I was about 24 years old (11 years ago) and a Norwood 3. Most of my recession was on the right side of my head. Later I learned that this was common. But it got to the point where I didn’t have any hair on the right side of my head at all.

John Hillerman's Receeding HairlineRemember Higgins from Magnum PI? That was me.

And I had a cowlick in the middle of my hairline (a la Gordon Ramsey) which made things look even worse. Oh and to make matters even worse still, I had a bald spot (since birth) on the left side of my head just below my temple. I was always able to cover this up by leaving my side hair long and putting a little gel in it. Shaving my head wasn’t a good option since that bald spot would make me look like a chemo patient.

In retrospect, I really lost the hair lottery at an early age.


Back to my story. After the spray paint on my head turned out to be a bad solution, I found something called Toppik. Toppik comes in different sized bottles and different colors to match your hair. I ordered a bottle.

Toppik hair concealerToppik is made up of tiny fibers that cling to your existing hair making it look thicker. It is applied by shaking the bottle above your head and letting the fibers drop onto your hair. Similar to a salt shaker.

It works really well. In fact, I’m certain that Hollywood Celebrities use Toppik on a regular basis. Especially while filming. Hollywood doesn’t want bare scalp to detract you from the story. Seriously.

However, for me it wasn’t the solution that I needed. While Toppik works great for people that are losing their hair on the top or thinning all over, it doesn’t do much for the hairline. Toppik needs hair to attach to. I didn’t have any. I moved on.


My next discovery was one that has stuck with me for the last 10 years. It’s called DermMatch and it’s amazing. It’s basically make-up for men. It can be applied directly to your hairline to create a much thicker appearance. The difference between DermMatch and Toppik is that DermMatch is actually applied to the scalp while Toppik is applied to the hair.

DermMatch hair make-up.Now you might think that DermMatch would present the same issues that I had with the spray paint. You’d be wrong. When applied correctly (very lightly) it creates an amazing effect. What’s the correct way to apply it?

DermMatch is delivered in a round container and they give you a little make-up applicator. They replace the applicators for life for free! I’ve tested this and they send them out, no questions asked. You put a few drops (drops only – do not soak the applicator) of water on the applicator and then you rub the applicator on the DermMatch. The make-up is now on the applicator. Then you gently apply the makeup.

Ideally you want to place the makeup right under thin hair. However, if you wear your hair down in the front, you can place the DermMatch in front of the hair and it will give the appearance of a thicker hairline. I use DermMatch on my hairline and my bald spot on a regular basis.

Now you’re probably thinking, ‘Dan, you’ve had a hair transplant, why the need for DermMatch?’ Well my friend, hair transplants are not perfect and while my doctor did transplant hair into my bald spot, it didn’t grow. And, if I was being honest, my hairline isn’t perfect. FUE doesn’t create 100% growth and I could use a touch-up to add some density. Read more about my hair transplant here.

Oh, one final note about DermMatch. It lasts forever. I probably buy a new can once every year or two! They should charge more. And I do not get paid from DermMatch or Toppik, although I should.

Which concealer is right for you?

You’ll have to test and see. Stay away from anything that is spray on. Less is always more.

Photo Credits: s_bukley / , Flickr