Another Hair Transplant Post About Jeremy Piven

Jeremy Piven is the most often searched for celebrity when it comes to hair transplants. Why? I think I know and I felt compelled to write a post.

Jeremy Piven losing his hair.For those of you not familiar with Jeremy Piven he is a high caliber actor. You may know him from the HBO series Entourage where he played a high stress, high dollar, agent for  some of Hollywood’s finest actors.

He’s been in Old School, Family Man and a handful of other fine shows.

More noticeable than his acting career is his hair. Jeremy Piven has gone from nearly a Norwood 5A to a svelt Norwood 2A. Let me take a second to explain the Norwood Scale.

Norwood Scale

The Norwood Scale measures male pattern baldness. The image to the right corresponds to different levels of hairloss. Norwood scale showing male pattern hair loss.Doctors use this to assess hair loss and gauge if their treatment works. These patterns are standard hair loss patterns for men who are susceptible to DHT.

Testosterone converts into DHT and DHT shrinks hair follicles in men who are genetically susceptible. Yep, hair loss is not caused by:

  1. Masturbation.
  2. Your diet.
  3. Lack of exercise.
  4. Too much weight lifting.
  5. Stress.

Hair loss is caused by:

  1. Genetic susceptibility to DHT.

Jeremy got the unlucky end of the genetic stick when it comes to hair loss. Hey, I did too. So over one summer when he wasn’t filming any of his films, Jeremy had a hair transplant. Yep, I’m saying it. Frankly, I don’t think this is news to anyone. There are only a couple of ways to go from a Norwood 5V to a Norwood 2A.

  • Hair system (wig).
  • Hair transplant.

Jeremy Piven’s Hair Transplant Surgeon

Jeremy Piven's hair transplant before and after.A good hair transplant is a piece of art. If Jeremy Piven’s hair transplant surgeon  lowered his hair to a Norwood 1, he would look very strange. If his doctor took multiple hair grafts and stuck them in the front of his head, he would look like a doll.

But because his surgeon took his time, separated the grafts into single hairs that were then placed in his hairline, followed by a few 2 hair grafts and then some 3 hair grafts behind that, Jeremy looks like a sexy beast (as sexy as Jeremy Piven can be).

Hollywood’s Little Secret

So why does everyone search for Jeremy Piven’s hair transplant when there are hundreds of other celebrities who have had hair transplants? The answer, my friend, is because Jeremy waited too long to get his hair transplant.

Celebrities with ‘leading man’ potential will never let their hairline recede. They’ll get a lunchtime FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). This is when a celebrity gets 300 to 500 follicular units planted in thinning or soon to be thinning areas. As a forensic hair scientist, I have many theories about the existence of a ‘Hair Consultant’ that all of Hollywood uses. You can learn more about him, here.

Could It Be A Wig?

I’m going to say, ‘No.’ Here’s why:

  • His hair does have some see-through qualities.
  • He has been spotted in Hawaii with wet hair that showed a scar on the back of his head.
  • He clearly uses a cosmetic product (i.e. Nanogen, Dermatch, Toppik, etc.)  in his hairline to thicken it. Notice the first picture of this post.
  • He’s a comedian. I don’t know why I added this but I think comedians would get a lot of crap if they wore a hair system.
  • Going from almost completely bald to having hair screams hair piece. Most actors will opt for a more gradual transplant (which takes about a full year to grow-in and mature).

“He clearly uses a cosmetic product (i.e. Nanogen, Dermatch, Toppik, etc.)  in his hairline to thicken it. Notice the first picture of this post.”

Jeremy Piven, I like you. You’re a funny guy and you played a great character in Entourage. I hope you will someday tell the world about your hair transplant. Men, like myself who have had a hair transplant or two, would appreciate it.

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  1. That Norwood scale appears not to have my form of baldiness.
    I’m like a 2, only where the skin is cutting into the hairline at the temples, the twin prongs of attack are attempting to encircle and cut off the front of my hair from the rest, eventually leaving me with a covered pate but only a ‘wagons circled’ outcrop of follicles above my forehead.
    Maybe this is how Jude Law’s baldness started, and I also note that Australian comedian Jim Jefferies appears to be going the same way.

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    • Hi Paddy – The scale is definitely not perfect and doesn’t fit everyone.

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  2. I’m thinking very successful hormone or drug treatment

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    • If there was such a thing, would we know about it? Couldn’t you make billions from it?

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